2010: A Texas Tech Baseball Odyssey: Part 3


Returning: SS Joey Kenworthy, Sr., C Jeremy Mayo, Jr., 3B Justin Berry, So., 2B Garrett Totten, So., C Kevin Whitehead, So.

Newcomers: 1B Stephen Hagen, Jr., 3B Nick Popescu, Jr., 2B Jamodrick McGruder, Fr., C Bo Altobelli, Fr.

Gone: 1B Chris Richburg (Graduation), 2B Willie Rueda (Graduation), 1B Logan Leslie (Left Team), C Mehdi Alavi (Left Team)

Injured: 1B Duke Von Schamann, Fr. Continue reading


2010: A Texas Tech Baseball Odyssey: Part 2


Returning: LHP Ben Flora, So., RHP Brennen Stewart, So., RHP Kellen Monreal, Sr., RHP Jordan Stern, Jr., RHP Colton Farrar, So.

Newcomers: LHP Jay Johnson, Jr., RHP Brandon Petite, Fr., RHP Justin Cooper, Jr., RHP Joseph Burnett, Fr., LHP Scott Erzinger, So.

Gone: Brian Cloud (Graduation), Brandon Foster (Left Team), Lorenzo Douglas (Graduation), Cory Large (Graduation), Austin Quick (Left Team)

The 2010 bullpen will be much different from what we saw in 2009. Five bullpen guys have moved on, one is injured for the year, and two other have moved to the starting rotation. The bullpen also suffers from a lack of D1 experience, with only one player who has multiple years under his belt. Continue reading

2010: A Texas Tech Baseball Odyssey: Part 1

Starting Pitching

Returning: RHP Chad Bettis, Jr., RHP Louis Head, So.

Newcomers: RHP Bobby Doran, Jr., RHP John Neely, So., RHP Brett Bruening, Jr.

Gone: RHP A.J. Ramos (Graduation), RHP Nathan Karns (MLB Draft), RHP Miles Morgan (Graduation), LHP Robert Kilcrease (Injured), LHP Zach Fowler (Injured) Continue reading

Texas Tech Baseball Red & Black Series

Alright, Tech has three of five games down so far, and the Black team is up two games to one.

I have been able to make it to two of the three games, and put together some boxscores and stats thanks to my experiences this summer.

Game 1 Boxscore

Game 3 Boxscore

Rough Stats Continue reading

Absolutely Obknoxious talks Heisman

So, I figure I need to write, and what better topic than the Heisman Trophy. Recently, this trophy has been a stalwart for the best player on the BCS runner-up. Basically, it’s either the Heisman or a BCS Championship. We are almost halfway into the 2009 season, so there isn’t a better time to start talking about the subject…

Absolutely Obknoxious Heisman Favorites…

  1. QB Tim Tebow, Sr., Florida – One of two voting members still playing (along with 2008 winner Sam Bradford), Tebow is basically on top of every list. The undisputed leader of the defending BCS champions and current top ranked Florida Gators, Tebow will not wow anyone with his stats like he did in his previous Heisman-winning season of 2007. However, Tebow has accounted for 12 touchdowns in 5 games, including a win over then #4 LSU. His best statistic, besides the 5-0 mark, is his passing efficiency, which ranks 3rd in the NCAA behind Jimmy Clausen and Kellen Moore. Continue reading

Notes from Tech Baseball Scrimmage 10/9/09

I made it to 5.5 innings of today’s scrimmage…

  • Bobby Doran, Chad Bettis, Brett Bruening, Jordan Stern and Jay Johnson (I think) pitched.
  • Doran was throwing fairly hard, as was Bettis (high 80’s), but Bruening had the best stuff, topping out at 94 in his 1st inning.
  • One team consisted of: C- Whitehead, 1B- Von Schamann, 2B- Totten, 3B- Popescu, SS- Berry, LF- Mielnicki, CF- McGruder, LF – Barnes
  • Other team: C/3B- Mayo, 1B- Hagen, 2B- McGruder (played for both teams), 3B/C- Altobelli, SS- Kenworthy, RF- Hough, CF- Ashby, LF- LeJeune Continue reading

NCAA TV Schedule, Week 6

2009 Week 6